Can you recognize E.S.G. in your business?

Rays of light in a forest in summer

Here are some Environmental Social Governance examples as implemented by Simple Impact:

  1. Encouraging clients to use electronic statements and trading confirms to reduce landfill and deforestation. (Environment)
  2. LED light bulbs at office and home reduces Simple Impact's power bills = bigger margins for stakeholders (Environment) 
  3. Simple Impact is located in a Leeds Gold certified building (Environment)
  4. Simple Impact is 100% female owned, and maintains business advisors of both men and women. At Commonwealth Financial Network, our broker-dealer, and one third of our managing partners are women. Different viewpoints provide insight to opportunities and problem solving. (Governance)
  5. We supplement our investment filters with additional diversity measurements. Traditional metrics and modern metrics are tools for forming balanced opinions on investment choices. (Governance and Social)
  6. We offer frequent opportunities for clients and community to participate in financial education, leadership training, and supportive environments to help you be your best. (Social)
  7. We mentor small business owners and speak at high-schools and community colleges on topic of investments and finance. Giving back to seed changes that can help everyone. (Social)

We'd love to hear from you! Please email us with your E.S.G. practices