Teamwork Creates a 2019 Five Star Wealth Manager Sutherland

Shannon M. Sutherland

Teamwork Creates a 2019 Five Star Wealth Manager Sutherland

Calabasas, CA, January 15, 2009– Recognizing wealth managers who show a commitment to clients, Five Star Professional and Los Angeles magazine have honored Simple Impact LLC's female Founder, Shannon M. Sutherland, better known as Shane, with the 2019 Five Star Wealth Manager award for her outstanding service.  This is the 5th time in the last 7 years that she has won this accolade.

 “We develop trust by challenging each other.  We constantly ‘ASK HOW’ can we create better outcomes?” said Sutherland.

Based on 10 objective eligibility and evaluation criteria, including a minimum of 5 years as an active credentialed financial professional, favorable regulatory and complaint history, accepts new clients, client retention rates, client assets administered, education, and professional designations. The Five Star Wealth Manager award is given to a select group. 3,528 Los Angeles area wealth managers were considered for the award; 154 (4 percent of candidates) were named 2019 Five Star Wealth Managers.   (The criteria provided reflects the most recent year for which advisor received the award. The criteria used, the number of wealth managers considered for the award, and the percentage of those who receive the award, may vary from year to year). These awards are not indicative of the wealth managers' future performance. Your experiences may vary. For more information, please visit

 “We help our clients invest and live intentionally. It is an honor to be recognized for providing quality service and financial advice,” said Sutherland. " Partnering with our clients to help them put their time, money, and resources into getting what they really want is our mission.

About Simple Impact LLC:
Simple Impact LLC was founded in 2014 by veteran financial advisor Shannon M. Sutherland to offer holistic planning services and investment model strategies that align with client’s values and long term goals. Sutherland is an Accredited Investment Fiduciary® and discretionary portfolio manager for millions of dollars.  Simple Impact LLC is committed to the personal financial growth and confidence of female and LGBTQ leaders. In addition to developing investment plans for executives and professionals, Sutherland offers a unique gender filter when establishing investment portfolios. Sutherland and her team are speaking up at organizations with a mission to support women and the LGBTQ community.  She further serves the community by offering free 15 minute financial phone reviews.

Simple Impact LLC is partnered with the nation’s largest privately held broker/dealer, Commonwealth Financial Network®, founded in 1979. With more than 1,778* producing advisors and a home office support staff of a little more than 800, Commonwealth advisors' combined account assets are approximately $156 billion with $1.2 billion in revenues in 2017. Commonwealth is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, and San Diego, California.    

*as of 12/31/17