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Simple Impact LLC financial guides PRE-RETIREES to financial readiness and develop a personal timeline to countdown with confidence.  We provide investment and tax-efficient strategies for windfall large money sums resulting from employer retirement plan rollovers, inheritance, and the sale of personal or business property.

Why choose Simple Impact LLC? Our objective is to optimize PRE-RETIREES resources into income to preserve lifestyle and dignity in non-earning years.  As fiduciary asset managers, we work with clients to inspire long-term goals and curate customized tax-efficient plans based on needs.  We develop mutually beneficial relationships with you by maintaining a transparent and ethical process.

PRE-RETIREES ask: Am I on track? Can I retire early? We guide you on important choices including understanding your investment portfolio, government programs, asset optimization, income mapping, benefits analysis, healthy aging (biomedical assessment), housing and care, and finding purpose. We provide perspective and guidance for the divorced and remarried, and caretakers sandwiched between the financial needs of children and elderly parents. We help you understand the different types of trusts and what that means for your investments. We educate you on how to prepare for the significant changes in types of income sources at retirement.

Rest easy—we can help you organize and figure it out. To schedule an appointment and explore a world of financial possibilities,

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