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Simple Impact LLC provides investment advice and services:

  • Savers phase: Recieve a custom action list reflecting your stated priorities, and additional suggestions based on Shannon M. Sutherland's experience and knowledge.
  • Retiring phase: Optimize assets and map your income. Convert resources into income for the lifestyle you've earned.
  • Grateful and slowing down: Distribute your assets in a tax-advantaged way to provide comfort and dignity in your golden years. Asset preservation strategies to provide for the next generation and your loved ones.
  • Risk management: Protect the assets you've built with conventional and progressive strategies.
  • Business retirement planning: Transition your business to the next stage by creating an exit strategy that can also help you grow and attract talent today.
  • Taxation: Learn habits that can minimize your tax burden with tax-exempt, tax-deferred, and tax-timing strategies that may save you money.  

We have investment models to offer you
As a holistic financial planner, we have allocation models for retirement income or growth portfolios. Simple Impact LLC is known for its gender diversity investment strategy in separately managed accounts.

Shannon M. Sutherland's investment strategies are grounded in long-term fundamentals with adjustments for today's market. We help you anticipate the market and make informed decisions to unlock your financial independence. We can help you identify the current risks in your portfolio as well as the different approaches to managing them.


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